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What We Do

Sports Talent connects athletes, sporting legends and personalities with all types of events, brands, and media opportunities.

Sports Talent promote athletes that have a unique sporting talent and inspirational story. Our sporting talent have been utilised in a wide variety of events, projects, activations and media projects that showcase brands, motivate staff or inspire the public.

Unique Sporting Talent?

Sports Talent promote talented athletes with a unique skill, or sports personalities with an inspiring and powerful message.

Kristin Kuba.jpg
Ciaran King Sunset

Our talent has been used by brands and organisations in a wide variety or opportunities:

  • Personal Appearances

  • Inspirational / Motivational Talks

  • Sponsorship Activation

  • Ambassadorial Roles

  • Television Commercials / Idents

  • Music Videos

  • Blockbuster Movies


Personal Appearances

There is no better way to create a memorable event, generate interest in a new business or entertain clients with an appearance by a professional athlete. The opportunity to meet a sports personality will live long in the memory and help you achieve your promotional or entertainment goals..

Sponsorship Activation

Sports Talent have provided the best sports entertainers and personalities to activate sponsorship or promotions. So, if you are looking to amaze your customers, why not try one of out world class football freestylers, basketball entertainers, golf trick shot champions or sports legend.

Media Assignments

Our athletic talent and sports personalities have featured in a variety of innovative and entertaining media assignments. Past assignments have included television commercials, live TV performances, music videos, motion pictures, promotional videos, radio appearances, video game motion capture and sports show broadcasting.

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