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Chef Ippy Aiona hails from the enchanting shores of Hawaii's Big Island, where he was born and raised in a culinary world curated by his family. Growing up, he soaked in the rich flavors and traditions of his heritage, as his father managed a beloved Hawaiian plate lunch shop and his mother expertly ran an Italian restaurant.

Inspired by this gastronomic upbringing, Chef Ippy embarked on a journey of culinary innovation, creating multiple restaurant concepts that artfully fuse his Hawaiian and Italian roots. His culinary ventures, including "Ippy's Hawaiian BBQ" and "The Dizzy Pita," are nestled in his hometown of Waimea, where he continues to tantalize taste buds.

Chef Ippy's culinary prowess has taken him on an extraordinary trajectory. Graduating at the top of his class from Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco, he quickly rose to prominence in the culinary world. At the tender age of Twenty-Three, he made waves as the youngest finalist on Food Network's popular competition, "Food Network Star." Since then, Chef Ippy has become a prominent figure on Food Network, gracing various programs, including the recent season of BBQ Brawl.

Notably, at Twenty-Four, Chef Ippy secured a coveted spot on Forbes Magazine's illustrious "30 Under 30" list, showcasing his exceptional talent and vision in the culinary realm. He also left a lasting impression on the international stage by triumphing in Canada's prestigious International Iron Chef Competition. Chef Ippy Aiona's culinary journey is a testament to his passion, talent, and the exquisite fusion of his Hawaiian and Italian heritage.

Chef Ippy Aiona introduced his "Easy Hawaiian Cookbook: 70 Simple Recipes for a Taste of the Islands" to the world in April 2022, earning it a place on Amazon's esteemed top 100 cookbook list.

This cookbook serves as a welcoming companion for aspiring chefs of all skill levels, offering a delightful opportunity to bring the spirit of aloha into your kitchen, without the need for a plane ticket. Allow your taste buds to embark on a journey to the beautiful Hawaiian islands with this user-friendly cookbook, providing you with the means to replicate timeless island favorites in your own home.

A link to his coveted cookbook can be found here.

Chef Ippy
Chef Ippy
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