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Introducing Ciaran King: A Champion Downhill Mountain Biker and High-Performance Coach

Ciaran King is no ordinary athlete. As a formidable force in the world of downhill mountain biking, he competes at an elite level in prestigious events like the IXS European Cup and the British Downhill Series. But his story doesn't end on the racecourse; Ciaran wears another hat as a certified high-performance coach, operating his own venture known as Peakin High Performance.

First and foremost, Ciaran's heart belongs to the exhilarating world of racing and cycling. He boasts a remarkable track record of multiple victories and podium finishes in the United Kingdom. Now, he's setting his sights on conquering the European championship, driven by an unrelenting passion for speed and excellence. Yet, Ciaran's interests extend beyond mere velocity; he's equally enamored with capturing the perfect shot. His talent behind the lens has earned him two double-page features, which were both nominated for Strava Photo of the Year, and is now on a quest for that coveted magazine cover shot. Additionally, Ciaran proudly serves as an ambassador for brands like Worx UK, facilitating their entry into the mountain biking market through his racing prowess and influential social media presence. With an impressive track record of brand collaboration, he continually seeks ways to enhance his offerings.

Ciaran's second great passion revolves around nurturing and guiding athletes towards peak performance in their respective sports. Armed with a wealth of knowledge, practical experience, and an unwavering enthusiasm, he has played a pivotal role in helping athletes achieve their personal best while maintaining a balanced mental state and personal life. Notably, he has been a guiding force behind remarkable success stories, such as Ethan Craik's second-place finish in the UCI Downhill World Cup Series at Mont Sainte Anne. Through his active presence on social media, Ciaran generously imparts valuable insights and actionable advice, benefitting anyone eager to enhance their mental game in their chosen sport.

Ciaran King Downhill MTB
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