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A native of Bogata, Colombia, Daniela has become a pioneer within women's freestyle skating. Since borrowing some skates, and joining her younger sister to try the sport, she has never looked back.

Now Daniela travels the world showcasing her roller freestyle skills and competing internationally.

The fine art of Freestyle is the combination of jumps, spins, footwork sequences, and choreography performed to the music of the skater's choice.


When performing a Freestyle program, the skater should keep in mind that interpretation of the music is vitally important to their score.

Daniela Salgado's Sporting Achievements: 

  • Winterclash 2023. Eindhoven, Netherlands - Female Pro Category - 1st (out of 38)

  • Franky Morales Invitational 2 FMI 2 2022, Miami, Florida, Female Category - 2nd

  • Blading cup 2022, Santa Ana, California, May 2022, Female Category - 1st

  • Festival de Verano 2022, Bogota, Colombia, Female Category - 1st

  • Blading Cup 2021. Santa Ana. California. Female Category - 2nd

  • Franky Morales Invitational. IMF 2021. Lot 11 Skatepark, Miami, Florida. - 2nd

  • Winterclash 2020. Eindhoven, Holland. Female Pro Category - 4th

  • Pow Wow Florida, USA. Female Category - 4th

  • Invitational Pan-American 2022 Open. Bogota, Colombia - Gold medal

Daniela Salgado
Daniela Salgado
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