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Unveiling the Shining Future of Women's Sports Sponsorship

In a world where sports have become more than just games, the untapped potential of women's sports sponsorship is shining brighter than ever. The narrative is shifting, and we're merely at the beginning of an exciting journey that promises boundless opportunities.

The FIFA Women's World Cup held in Australia and New Zealand showcased the world a riveting spectacle of talent, resilience, and captivating rivalries that define women's sports today. This global event has acted as a spark, pushing women's sports further into the limelight and capturing the hearts of fans worldwide.

While the concept of investing in women's sports isn't new, its transformative impact is on the verge of rewriting history. Brands that recognize this evolution and wholeheartedly embrace the rise of women's sports are poised to reap the fruits of a thriving and ever-expanding market.

By acknowledging the commercial prowess of women's sports, brands open doors to a realm of unexplored opportunities and unrivalled growth potential.

Unveiling the Shining Future of Women's Sports Sponsorship
Unveiling the Shining Future of Women's Sports Sponsorship

A Journey of Evolution: From Overlooked to Empowered

Cast your mind back to 2010 when Baronness Tanni Grey-Thompson, a leading figure in women's sports, voiced the potential of this market. The Commission on the Future of Women’s Sport, which she was part of, raised a pivotal question: "Can we truly nurture this market?" The answer came in the form of an audience eager to invest in women's sports. This marked a watershed moment that urged potential investors to consider women's sports in a fresh light.

What's truly fascinating is the contrast between this optimistic vision and the investment landscape of that era. From 2005 to 2009, women’s sports in the UK secured a mere 0.4% of sponsorship deals, a glaring difference compared to 57.5% for men’s sports and 42% for mixed-gender events. Despite this, a wave of enthusiasm for women's sports was evident. A significant 61% of survey participants expressed they'd follow women’s sports if only they were broadcast more frequently.

Fast forward to the present, and the landscape of women's sports has transformed dramatically. With a staggering 131% year-on-year increase in viewership for women's sports in the UK, it's clear that a surge in popularity is underway. Remarkably, this surge happened despite women’s sports receiving only a fraction (one seventh) of media coverage compared to men’s sports. This unexplored potential is a testament to the opportunities that lie ahead for companies that sponsor women’s sports.

Navigating the Seas of Sponsorship: Current Landscape

The world of women's sports sponsorship is alive with energy. In 2021 alone, a total of 381 sponsorship deals were inked, amounting to a staggering estimated value of $136.96 million USD. These figures are undeniable proof of the burgeoning commercial potential in this sector.

Various industries have realized the potential of this thriving market. Sectors such as clothing and apparel, consumer goods and services, food, sports equipment, and finance are leading the charge in women's sports sponsorship. Their strategic foresight in partnering with women's sports demonstrates a genuine interest in fostering progress.

Consider the UEFA-Visa partnership, a deal valued at an impressive $28 million USD. This collaboration highlights the growing value of women's sports within the larger sporting landscape, showing how these partnerships can offer brands unparalleled exposure and engagement opportunities.

The Women's Super League's title sponsorship with Barclays, reportedly worth £10 million annually, underscores the standalone potential of women's sports properties. Such partnerships highlight the ability of these entities to attract lucrative brand collaborations independently, without relying on their male counterparts.

Navigating the Seas of Sponsorship: Current Landscape
Navigating the Seas of Sponsorship: Current Landscape

A Universe of Possibilities: The Societal Impact

As women's sports continue their ascent into the spotlight, the broader impact is a testament to the potential for societal transformation. This journey is grounded in equity and inclusion, offering brands not just an enticing return on investment, but also a chance to champion gender equality.

Today, women's sports viewership is on an upward trajectory. YouGov's "Women in Sport Report 2021" highlighted that 75% of Europeans perceive a lack of equality in media coverage and sponsorship between men's and women's sports. However, improved coverage and quality have led 21% of UK adults to dedicate more time to following women’s sports.

This surge in engagement opens doors for brands to access new audiences and pioneering marketing opportunities. Brands sponsoring women's sports aren't just enjoying the ride; they're steering it. A significant 84% of general sports fans express an interest in women's sports, an opportunity for brands to refine their image and connect with fresh demographics.

In this arena, brands aren't just endorsing women's sports; they're supporting a movement. By associating with women's sports, brands contribute to a wider cause, signalling their commitment to creating an equitable and inclusive sporting landscape. With increased media coverage, soaring viewership, and evolving sponsorship deals, investing in women's sports is more than a strategic move; it's a gateway to reshaping the sporting narrative.

The Winning Play: A Path Forward

Sponsoring women's sports isn't just about gaining exposure; it's about rewriting history. Brands that dive into this arena become advocates for change, catalysts for evolution, and champions of inclusivity. This is a dynamic journey where the rewards extend beyond financial gains.

As women's sports shine brightly on the global stage, brands that invest in this powerful movement are securing a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of sports for generations to come. A future of equality, inclusion, and boundless success beckons, and the time to embark on this remarkable journey is now.



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